I am working in a shipyard in Qingdao.Our major customers are from all over the world,of course,including Japan.So I have plenty of chance to work with japanese.



My first point of view towards japanese is that they are really working hard,no matter old and young.Many times I worked with technicians from Japan,even more than 60 years old,they would climb a gantry crane of 18 meters high,more than 20 times a day.There would be always a towel around their neck,just in case the sweat will burst out anytime during the work.They are  just working as a 30 years old young man,which made me and all my friends really surprise.We should always admire japanese for their hard working and learn from them.


The second impression coming into my mind is most of the japanese I met are polite.They meet people always with their good manners,not letting people feeling any uncomfortable.Altough I heard a lot about japanese acting different than their thinking,I would like to believe they have their anger but they just would like to control,which is just the normal meaning of polite.Actually,this acting is nothing more than cutulre difference,why should somebody judge their character from this normal acting?


Japanese are more and more acceptable to me now,while Japan are moving far away from me.If it’s not the history,I can hardly believe Japan had bring a disater to chinese people in the recent 100 years.But history is history,nobody can change,everybody should admit it,including Japan.In my mind,a country should admit its mistake at least,otherwise,how can it be trusted,how can it be called a great country?Should we always call Japan “little Japan”?I think so.In some case,Japan is just a beast and always a beast,which we should always be alert to.



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  1. 有道理,力顶一下。


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